I’ve had the privilege to work in a variety of settings and roles, which has given me a very broad set of skills and experience.


I’ve written newspaper and magazine articles, research reports, policy documents, strategic reviews, comment pieces, articles and guidebooks. I’m happy to work to tight briefs and tight deadlines and you can see some of my work here.

Public Speaking

I’ve been public speaking in front of audiences since I was 7 years old. I’ve spoken in front of 2,000 people at mass meetings, done university lectures and workshops, taken part in panel discussions and given keynote speeches at conferences.

I mix knowledge, thinking and passion with copious analogies and metaphors drawn from movies and TV, and get consistently excellent feedback from people who hear me and event organisers who ask me to help.

Community and Co-operative Enterprises

I help community and co-operative enterprise get started, and then grow and develop. I’m a passionate supporter of people owning and running the things that matter to them, from football clubs to community centres, windfarms to newspapers and pretty much everything else you can think of.

I’ve helped over 120 enterprises start, and have seen what it takes to get going – a great idea, community support, a good team and a good process to get there. I’ve also seen great organisations become mired in poor decision-making, and I’m passionate about helping enterprises get their governance right, using members and elected directors to enhance what they do, not detract from it.

Stakeholder Engagement

Lots of companies pay lip service to the idea of engaging with their customers. They love to tell us they’re listening, but customers, members, fans and stakeholders aren’t stupid and they know the difference between the organisations that really mean it and the ones going through the motions.

I believe that people don’t just have the right to be heard, they also have a real and valuable contribution to make. That’s based on a genuine two-way dialogue in which organisations are brave enough to meet their stakeholders half way and recognising that they have to hand over a degree of power and control.

I can help organisations build better, long term relationships with their stakeholders by acting as a bridge between the two parties. What I don’t do is set up initiatives designed to look good but that won’t change the status quo.

Strategy and Policy

I’ve helped organisations develop policy for internal use, organised lobbies of the Houses of Parliament and the European Parliament, planned and executed campaigns to influence select committees. I know how the policy and political process works, and have used that knowledge to the benefit of the organisations I’ve worked for and with.