Clients & Projects

What I've been doing and who I've been working with recently

I’ve been working on a wide range of projects for clients including Liverpool Football Club, AFC Wimbledon, Co-operatives UK and the Plunkett Foundation.


Helping a community group with governance

Exeter Street Hall are a Co-operative Enterprise Hub client trying to raise £200,000 to buy their community’s hall from the local church. I’ve been helping them get to grips with the governance requirements of a community co-op and helping the board understand their roles.

Advising Britain’s first community-owned estate pub

Another Hub client is The Bevy in Brighton. A community of 18,000 people without any decent social space wanted to re-open their local pub after it closed in 2010. I gave them advice about becoming a co-op and helped develop their business plan, which resulted in the pub’s landlords offering them the lease.

Developing a governance system for a fan-owned club

FC United are a fan-owned team blazing a trail for football co-ops. I produced a report to help their board develop a system of governance that works for their values as a member-controlled club and which also works in a footballing context.

Evaluating the potential for a community-owned food store

Everyday Barnes formed to explore bringing back a convenience store to the High Street in Barnes but wanted an assessment of the feasibility of their plans. I assessed the local marketplace, their means and the local issues and made recommendations for how the group could use their energy and commitment in the most effective way.

Researching high pay in football

The High Pay Centre commissioned me to look at what has been happening with footballers’ salaries in the last 20 years, and what the impact of those changes has been on the fabric of the national game, focussing on ticket prices, club insolvency and the performance of the England national team.

Joining up co-operatives in the capital

Co-operatives London is the voice of co-operatives in the capital; promoting, developing and uniting all sectors of the co-operative world. I’m helping them with their communications and online prescence to drive up membership.

Helping the US Independent Supporters Council

I was invited to spend four days in the US in 2012; first stop was Chicago to speak at a roundtable talk about fan culture and fan engagement hosted by the Chicago Fire’s fan group, Section 8. From there I travelled on to Portland, Oregon, where fans from 16 of the 19 MLS teams had gathered to formally adopt the charter for the new Independent Supporters Council of North America. You can read more about the trip in my piece for the Guardian.

Investigating the creation of a supporters’ network

I produced a strategy paper for  Co-operatives UK examining options for developing a network of individual supporters of co-operation, looking at what supporters would get, and what they do to support the broader campaign for co-operation.

Creating a supporters’ committee code of conduct

Liverpool FC set up a new Supporters Committee to improve communications between the club’s owners and its fans. I wrote the governance documents for the group to provide a framework for them to work effectively together within the club structure.

The case for community ownership of media

I’ve written a pamphlet for Co-operatives UK on the viability and sustainability of media outlets transforming to a co-operative business model. I’ve also been writing for various sites about the idea, and spoke at the Media, Power and Revolution Conference organised by Goldsmiths College Media Research centre.

Helping advise groups on membership

I’ve been helping the Plunkett Foundation on a project looking at supporting groups working in the agriculture and food system better understand membership, networks, and how best to utilise them to achieve their goals.

Fan-owned football club customer charter

Every club in England must have a customer charter and, after being promoted last season, AFC Wimbledon asked me to write theirs in a way that goes beyond baseline standards and reflects their culture as a fan-owned club. If you want to improve and enhance your club’s commitments to its fans, get in touch.


Oh, and..

In addition to the projects above, I’ve given lectures at Bath University on social change and co-operatives, Sheffield Hallam University Business School on running democratic businesses, at Exeter University Management School on New Mutualism and written various articles for publication.