I’ve been working for some months on a pamphlet for Co-operatives UK on the opportunities for co-operation in the media, and the report is finally launched today on their site, where you can download it as a PDF.

It’s also been covered in The Guardian by Roy Greenslade, who kindly links to this blog; those readers arriving here from Roy’s piece can see other pieces on media co-ops  (links opens all posts tagged ‘media’).

It’s been great to spend time thinking, writing and researching this issue. I’m utterly convinced that the reason why people haven’t considered co-operatives is simply because they’re unaware of the possibility. I’m sure there are downsides to the co-operative approach – nothing is perfect after all – but in two years of thinking and talking to experts across academia, the media and journalists, I’ve yet to come across a negative point, other than the practical steps to move from where we are to where might be. Feel free to comment below if you can think of some!

The next steps for the report are to promote it as far and wide as I can, to get it on the agenda as a real possibility. What helps far more than any amount of coverage is a good example, as the West Highland Free Press demonstrates and so I’d be very pleased to talk with anyone actively looking to take the ideas on board – get in touch if that’s you.



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