[box type=”info”] Update 13th June: One kind downloader pointed out an error in the way that three calculated the goals against of the second-drawn team in the group (i.e., A2, B2 and C2); this is now corrected, and the version downloadable has fixed this problem. If you’ve already downloaded it, then try the version linked below. Apologies![/box]

So, after not being bothered last time due to fatherhood and England not being there, I’ve done a Euro 2012 spreadsheet to record results, predict pathways and work out who might win, to fill those spare hours before the tournament starts.

I say ‘retro’ because the future is apps etc, but I’m a geek, not a proper programmer, so we can ditch that notion.

You can use the sheet entitled ‘Customise’ to customise (clever, eh?) the time zone in which you are, which then puts the right kick off times in! And, if you’re a sweepstakes organiser, you can add in the names of the people who have drawn a certain team, so you can have them shown instead of, or at the same time as, the country name. Take that, smartphone app developers!

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Download this old skool thing of beauty[/box]

[two_third_last]If you saw me in a pub, you might say ‘great work Dave. Must have spent ages on it, fiddling around, making it just so. Let me buy you a pint. Or a half.’ But you probably don’t live near me, and probably don’t go in my local. Hell, with 2 young kids, I don’t go in my local.

So why not buy it me in the virtual pub we call the internet, where tabs can be run up behind the bar using pledgie?

Update 23rd May: Some people have told me that if they don’t have the font I use (calibri), it’s all fouled up. I’ve done a version using arial, which doesn’t look as good, but should be compatible with more computers.