FIFA in Checkmate (thanks to mate’s cheques)

June 2nd, 2014|

I wrote some months back that the forthcoming World Cup in Brazil will be the last in its current form. The revelations in the Sunday Times this weekend do nothing to change it.

Essentially, FIFA are already in checkmate. […]

On David Lampitt

June 2nd, 2012|

David Lampitt’s appointment as the new Chief Executive of Supporters Direct has attracted some adverse comment, well summarised in a piece over at When Saturday Comes. David has responded to the criticism in a piece on Supporters Direct’s site.

I just want to add my own thoughts, for what they’re worth, on two aspects of the criticism, and one really important reason why people who support the goals of the supporters trust movement should welcome his appointment. […]

Man City’s Losses and Financial Fair Play

January 13th, 2012|

[author][author_image timthumb=’on’]http://daveboyle.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/fcb.png[/author_image]
[author_info]My latest piece in football’s business-to-business magazine, FC Business looks at manchester City’s record losses, UEFA’s Financial Fair Play initiative and why the system they’ve brought in must be the start of a process, not the end of it.[/author_info] [/author]

What wasn’t said about Manchester City running up English football’s largest ever annual loss was perhaps as instructive as a window into the modern game than what was. It wasn’t said that the £197m would cover the equivalent of the Premier League’s contribution to the Football Foundation for the next 16 years. Nor was it said that it was over £30m more than the combined spending of 5 other teams in the Premier League the year before, nor that it was more than the entire TV deal for the Football League for the next three years. […]

The Case for Salary Caps

August 20th, 2006|

[author][author_image timthumb=’on’]http://daveboyle.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/sd.png[/author_image]
[author_info]Written for Supporters Direct’s quarterly magazine in 2006, making the case for cost-control in football to bring an end to seemingly continual inflationary pressures; the policy ideas behind this were part of a wider debate which influenced UEFA’s Financial Fair Play initiative.[/author_info] [/author]

In a recent article in the magazine, I mentioned the idea of wage constraints on clubs. It’s an issue that’s increased in profile recently, a sure sign that the debate is shifting. The issue is particularly relevant within the Trust movement, as it addresses a major problem they all Trust-run and Trust-influenced clubs face. […]

Independent European Sports Review

July 12th, 2005|

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[author_info]Written for Supporters Direct’s quarterly magazine in 2006, on the publication of the Independent European Sports’ Review, a report examining the issues affecting European football (sport was added to the title at the last moment as it recognised that most of the recommendations affecting football would need to be applied sport-wide).[/author_info] [/author]

The reaction of the majority of the British press to the Independent European Football Review published in late May might not have surprised anyone for its virulent euro-scepticism, but it would have surprised anyone who had actually read the report. It was, The Sun assured us, part of a Brussels land grab, which would penalise success, and generally bring about the end of western civilisation. Or maybe just threaten Sky’s profits, which may be the same thing for them. […]